UFC 244 results: Jorge Masvidal wins BMF title by means of anticlimactic physician’s blockage triggered by cut to Nate Diaz

It wasn’t the method Jorge Masvidal wished to be crowned the “Baddest Motherf—r” in MMA, however he’ll take it.

Masvidal took house the $50,000 BMF title by third-round TKO (physician’s blockage) early Sunday in the primary occasion of UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden in New York after a cut over Nate Diaz’s best eye ended the action prior to the start of the 4th round.

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Despite having Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson cover the BMF title around his waist, Masvidal sported a dissatisfied face after the battle was called.

“I’m not the f—g doctor here, so don’t be booing me,” Masvidal stated throughout his post-fight interview in the octagon, with boxing legend Roberto Duran by his side. “I come in here to fight and it’s not my fault the doctor stopped it. All I could do is run it back, though.”

Diaz looked shocked that the bout ended by physician’s blockage and sounded 100 percent video game to run it back himself … as soon as his cuts recover.

“I’m coming back for your ass, motherf—r,” Diaz stated in postfight remarks directed towards Masvidal.

Despite the anticlimactic ending, Masvidal provided a dominant efficiency. He landed the more effective, destructive blows over the 15 minutes of action MMA fans did get.

Masvidal opened the nasty gash over Diaz’s best eye by raking an elbow throughout his face and including a kick to put the “West Coast Gangster” down in the preliminary. Masvidal kept the penalty can be found in the following rounds, blasting Diaz in the body and resting on wild left and best hooks that the Stockton, Calif., native in some way handled to make it through.

Although Masvidal was plainly overcoming his challenger, Diaz revealed grit by declining to pull back and landing stinging shots of his own, making the physician’s blockage even more challenging to swallow for the fighters and MMA fans alike.

Here’s how UFC 244 went.

( All times Eastern.)

UFC 244 live updates, highlights, results by round

Main occasion: Jorge Masvidal ends up being BMF champ after physician’s blockage following the 3rd round due to cut over Nate Diaz’s best eye

12: 50 a.m.: A doctor examine Diaz’s cut and Diaz gets rid of the blood from his face, looking all set to start the 4th round, however the doctor aborts the battle, ruling that the cut is even worse than Diaz is letting on. That’s it. This battle is over. A fantastic efficiency from Masvidal, however certainly not the method he or Diaz desired this to end.

Round 3: Masvidal has actually landed the more effective shots and has actually done more damage, however Diaz continues to exist. Diaz with a flurry, however Masvidal chuckles it off as he produces range. Masvidal rests on a huge right-hand man that inspects Diaz’s chin, however Diaz returns with a stinging mix that Masvidal consumes. Masvidal sprints towards Diaz and presses him up versus the cage, prior to they work their method into the middle of the Octagon. Diaz captured Masvidal with a right-hand man and another. Masvidal goes into the body and follows with an ideal upstairs. Another body shot from Masvidal. The body shots appear to be getting to Diaz despite how well his poker face reveals otherwise. Diaz opts for a journey, however Masvidal discovers himself on top, attempting to maximize his hands and let loose. Diaz striking from the bottom, tossing in “The Stockton Slap” for excellent step. Diaz absolutely provided his greatest round, however Masvidal still landed the more effective shots. (10 -9 Masvidal, 30-27 Masvidal)

Round 2: Nasty gash opened on Diaz’s best eyebrow throughout that preliminary. Diaz simply keeps moving on– something Masvidal absolutely anticipated and understood. He stings Masvidal with a number of punches, however Masvidal back with punches of his own and a big right follows minutes later on. Diaz required to strike the deck for self-preservation, with Masvidal enabling him to return to his feet. Masvidal definitely rests on a wild left hook like he finished with Darren Till previously in the year, however Diaz stays and consumes the penalty on his feet. Masvidal blasts Diaz in the body and Nate briefly flexes at the waist, seeming in discomfort. Minutes later on, Masvidal plants a knee into Diaz’s stomach. Masvidal takes Diaz’s back and knocks him onto his face, including ground strikes. Diaz rolls Masvidal, however “Gamebred” leverages and returns on top of Diaz. (10 -9 Masvidal, 20-18 Masvidal)

Round 1: Masvidal opens the battle with his hands behind his back like he did prior to wiping out Ben Askren in 5 seconds. Within seconds, Masvidal has Diaz up versus the Octagon. Masvidal stumbles upon Diaz’s confront with a slicing elbow and includes a kick to the face to put the “West Coast Gangster” down. Diaz remains in problem.

Masvidal is drizzling down punches and Diaz’s face is splashed in blood. Masvidal keeping Diaz on his back and pounding him with punches. Diaz is back to his feet, with Masvidal bouncing a begin his stomach. Masvidal has Diaz up versus the cage once again. Diaz fires back with a huge left-right mix that drives Masvidal back. A huge left hook presses Masvidal back versus the Octagon, however “Gamebred” asks and smiles for more. If this round didn’t thrill you, then examine your pulse. (10 -9 Masvidal)

12: 30 a.m.: Both fighters have actually been presented and we’re about to learn who the “Baddest Motherf—r” in the MMA battle video game is.

12: 24 a.m.: And here comes Masvidal, with Masvidal’s idol, boxing legend Roberto Duran, by his side.

12: 20 a.m.: Here comes Nate Diaz, his bro Nick to his.

12: 16 a.m.: The Rock remains in your house with the BMF title belt curtained over his shoulder.

Co-main occasion: Darren Till edges Kelvin Gastelum by split choice with determined efficiency; middleweights

12: 11 a.m.: The judges have it 30-27 in favor of Gastelum, and 29-28 and 30-27 towards Till. Smart battle. It was a challenging bout to rating, however Till did enough to win in Sporting News’ eyes.

Round 3: Till catches Gastelum’s kick, strolls him throughout the Octagon and fires off a left hook that lands. Minutes later on, Till lands another huge left hand. Gastelum appears to be having problem with his best leg as an outcome of those low leg kicks. A well-timed spinning elbow lands for Till. The British fighter captures among Gastelum’s kicks once again and strolls him throughout the Octagon up until Gastelum strikes the deck, however Till can’t capitalize. Both fighters are back on their feet and briefly attempting to combat fire with fire. Both fighters holding up their hands, thinking they did enough to win. Till combated the smarter combat and looked well geared up at middleweight. If his efficiency was excellent enough to take the triumph, let’s see. (10 -9 Till, 29-28 Till)

Midnight: This 3rd round must be unique.

Round 2: Gastelum opens the round with a strong leg kick and a knee to the gut minutes later on. Till returns fire with a leg kick of his own, coming down with a left hook that clips Gastelum. Kelvin lands a great elbow off the break minutes later on. Ref briefly stops the action after Gastelum accidentally pokes Till in the eye. Till states and takes a fast minute let’s battle. Got to enjoy that. Till’s leg kicks appear to be injuring Gastelum. Just how much? We’ll see. The larger, taller guy, Till is revealing much better footwork than Gastelum through 2 rounds, specifically with his feints. Till is determined in his striking and his output suffices to snag this round. (10 -9 Till, 19-19)

Round 1: Gastelum quickly using pressure to invite Till to the middleweight department, leaning on the larger fighter up versus the Octagon. Around the 1: 45 mark, Gastelum buries a knee into Till’s stomach as he attempts to close the space in between the fighters. Both fighters are absolutely appreciating each other’s power early on, very carefully aiming to choose their areas. (10 -9 Gastelum)

11: 40 p.m.: The co-main occasion in between Kelvin Gastelum and Darren Till is next. Till, who’s coming off back-to-back blockage losses, is making his middleweight launching. A win over Gastelum would absolutely renew the British fighter.

‘ Wonderboy’ Thompson utilizes identify striking to travel to consentaneous choice over Vicente Luque

11: 35 p.m.: There it is, Thompson with the consentaneous choice (30-26, 30-26, 29-27). Strong bounce-back win for the veteran.

11: 32 p.m.: Thompson headhunting with head kicks and straight rights and lefts to the face throughout the subsiding minutes. A really excellent efficiency from “Wonderboy” coming off a KO loss.

11: 30 p.m.: Thompson has actually dropped Luque two times in this 3rd round currently and is presently changing guard and striking the Brazilian at will.

If Luque does not do something drastic at this moment, then “Wonderboy” will travel on points.

11: 26 p.m.: What a 2nd round. Thompson actually let his hands fly, getting in touch with exact, stinging punches, of which Luque handled to consume a bulk. All of it followed “Wonderboy” released a side kick that dropped Luque with a thud. An ideal hook while returning was magic there for Thompson. He simply needs to take care about remaining in the pocket with Luque in the 3rd round, as the Brazilian looks going to consume shots to land much heavier among his own.

11: 20 p.m.: Luque appeared to have actually injured Thompson with a left hook in that preliminary, although the latter played it off the very best he could. Something to take note of in the 2nd round.

11: 07 p.m.: Up next is Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson versus Vicente Luque. Thompson was getting the very best of Anthony Pettis back in March, prior to Pettis bounced off the Octagon and knocked “Wonderboy” out with a Superman punch right prior to completion of the 2nd round. If the veteran bounces back this evening, let’s see.

Derrick Lewis takes out split choice win over Blagoy Ivanov, then has option words for President Trump

11 p.m.: Both fighters were starting to get gassed because last and 3rd round, however Lewis takes the triumph by split choice (30-27, 29-28, 29-28). After having his hand raised, Lewis set his attention towards President Donald Trump, who remained in presence at MSG. “I know that everything ain’t going good in the White House, but s—, you gotta turn that s— around in 2020.” Only Lewis might state that and after that include seconds later on that he was attempting to strike Ivanov in the “booty hole.”

10: 50 p.m.: Lewis simply landed a knee flush directly through Ivanov’s face, snapping his head back. How the hell did Ivanov consume that without tasting the canvas? This has all the makings of a horrible ending.

10: 48 p.m.: Lewis and Ivanov going for broke, battling fire with fire for a minute in this 2nd round.

10: 30 p.m.: With MSG still reeling from Lee’s scintillating KO, this PPV will continue with Derrick Lewis handling Blagoy Ivanov next.

Kevin Lee squashes Gregor Gillespie with photo ideal KO of the Year prospect

10: 23 p.m.: Now, that’s how you start a pay-per-view– focus on kick. Lee simply rocked Gillespie with an ideal hook throughout the chin followed by a left head kick that linked flush to knock him out on his feet versus the Octagon. Lee included a hammerfist for excellent step however didn’t require the additional shot. As soon as that head kick followed the best hook, it was over. Damn, was that nasty. That left head kick was ideal.

10: 20 p.m.: Lee and Gillespie letting loose and swinging easily early on.

10: 14 p.m.: Kevin Lee and Gregor Gillespie will start this pay-per-view with a light-weight bout. Ought to be an excellent one.

10: 08 p.m.: President Trump discovered the time to participate in UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden. He got a blended welcoming.

10 p.m.: On that note, the prelims are this ufc and a wrap 244 pay-per-view will begin.

9: 48 p.m.: Let this co-sign of Anderson from Daniel Cormier register now.

9: 40 p.m.: Oh, my goodness! Corey Anderson silences Walker and hinders the Brazilian’s buzz train with blunt force injury! An ideal hook broke Walker throughout the jaw, wobbling him, and he kept the barrage going. A directly best bent Walker at the knees minutes later on and the ref waved off the battle at 2: 07 into the preliminary. A really excellent triumph for Anderson, who offered Walker a mouthful following the conclusive win. The 2 did welcome each other later. Anderson enforced his will on Walker, specifically with that right-hand man. Whew!

9: 30 p.m.: What will Walker do tonight is the concern. He’s coming off 3 transcendent first-round surfaces, with his enjoyable train briefly stopping after his worm event in March triggered a dislocated shoulder and subsequent surgical treatment.

9: 25 p.m.: Johnny Walker up next versus Corey Anderson to end the prelims.

9: 20 p.m.: After penalizing Amirkhani for the majority of the battle and softening him with mauling body shots, Burgos gets the third-round TKO due to the ref stopping the action– truly so. A straight right-hand man to the face followed by an ideal hook folded Amirkhani at the end.

9 p.m.: Since suffering his only and very first defeat in 2015, Burgos has actually provided back-to-back wins, consisting of a split choice triumph over Cub Swanson this previous May.

8: 36 p.m.: Up next: Shane Burgos vs. Makwan Amirkhani in featherweight action.

8: 32 p.m.: Another first-round ending in ravaging style. Shahbazyan dropped Tavares with an ideal hook and completed him with a head kick that had the ref diving in to stop the bout and keep Tavares from sustaining more penalty. Harsh!

8: 30 p.m.: Edmen Shahbazyan and Brad Tavares remain in the octagon, as the prelims continue.

8: 14 p.m.: Well, that was quickly. Rozenstruik squashes Arlovski with a left hook and the ref saw enough to end it best then and there.

8 p.m.: The prelims of UFC 244 are live. We start with Andrei Arlovski vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik. Get comfy and remain secured here with Sporting News’ live blog site for all the action that UFC 244 provides.

What time does the Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal battle begin?

UFC 244 occurs Saturday, Nov. 2, with pay-per-view protection starting at 10 p.m. ET. Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal need to get in the Octagon around 12: 15 a.m. ET.

UFC 244 battle card

Main card

  • Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz; welterweights, for the BMF title.
  • Darren Till def. Kelvin Gastelum by means of split choice (27-30, 29-28, 30-27); middleweights.
  • Stephen Thompson def. Vicente Luque by consentaneous choice (30-26, 30-26, 29-27); welterweights.
  • Derrick Lewis def. Blagoy Ivanov by means of split choice (30-27, 29-28, 29-28); heavyweights.
  • Kevin Lee def. Gregor Gillespie by first-round KO (head kick); lightweights.

Preliminary card outcomes

  • Corey Anderson def. Johnny Walker by first-round TKO (punches); light heavyweights.
  • Shane Burgos def. Makwan Amirkhani by means of third-round TKO (punches); featherweights.
  • Edmen Shahbazyan def. Brad Tavares by first-round TKO (head kick); middleweights.
  • Jairzinho Rozenstruik def. Andrei Arlovski by means of first-round KO (punches); heavyweights.
  • Katlyn Chookagian def. Jennifer Maia by consentaneous choice (29-28, 29-28, 29-28); ladies’s flyweights.
  • Lyman Good def. Opportunity Rencountre by means of third-round TKO (punches); welterweights.
  • Hakeem Dawodu def. Julio Arce by split choice (29-28, 29-28, 29-28); featherweights.